Luis' Story

Luis Needs you!

Luis (27) from Wolfsburg, Germany was diagnosed with aggressive lymph gland cancer last year. This is a malignant disease of the hematopoietic system. After long but unsuccessful chemotherapy, Luis now depends on a life-saving stem cell donation, and you can help. Because there is not much time left.

Luis was already looking forward to his future with Dania, his fiancée when he received the shocking diagnosis. For five months, he fought with the support of his family. He survived the high-dose chemotherapy and hospital stays. Unfortunately, this fight is not over yet. Because the doctors now know that Luis needs a transplant of stem cells to be cured. Now, only you can save his life.

We ask you: Get registered to become a stem cell donor! It is much easier than you might think.

How to become a stem cell donor

Find an organization to get registered

Dependent on where you live there are different organizations to get registered.

You can find organizations that operate in your country on Swab the world or WMDA.

Become a donor

There are different criteria that may affect your eligibility to become a donor: where you live, your health, age and weight. You can find these requirements and the test methods used in your country on Swab the world. While in some countries you only need to do a simple cheek swab which is provided to you in a kit via mail, other countries require a blood test.

It doesn't matter where and through which organization you register as a stem cell donor. In the end, all data is collected in one single database.

What is blood stem cell transplantation?

Here you learn how a stem cell donation would be arranged for you as a donor and why you should have absolutely no reason to worry.

In 80% of cases, the stem cells are removed from the bloodstream. In order to increase the number of stem cells in the bloodstream, the donor is administered a drug over a period of five days. The donation lasts between 4 and 8 hours on one or two consecutive days. The stem cells are extracted directly from your blood using a special procedure. Very important: No operation is necessary and you can usually leave the clinic on the same day.

The following video from DKMS explains what happens if you are eligible as a stem cell donor.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-04 at 19.48.34

Raffaella (25) donated stem cells in April this year.

“When I got registered in 2016, it was a very quick and super simple cheek swab. I didn’t believe that I could be the right donor for a blood cancer patient. I registered for it unsuspectingly. And yet in March 2020, my genetic twin fell ill. I did not hesitate for a second. The stem cell donation does not hurt at all and is completed within a few hours. After I had rested for a few hours, I felt fit again! It can be that easy to save a life, and exactly you can be the right donor for Luis or another blood cancer patient!”

How you can help

Become a donor

Get registered as a stem cell donor as described above.

Swab the world

Make a donation

If you are not eligible to become a donor, you can support the organizations financially.

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